A Little Story from Lilly


    I’m in my grammar school gym class doing jumping jacks and laughing. The teacher, Mr. Large, points at me and frowns.

    I don’t remember what he says, but I remember standing on my tiptoes, with my nose against a concrete wall, being punished for my terrible transgression of enjoying exercise!

    I suppose I wasn’t reformed--I still like to laugh at a moment’s notice.

    One of my teachers, Marj Barstow, used to say, “Learn to laugh at yourself: You always move better with a smile.”

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    In 1989, Lilly began her Alexander Technique studies with Marj Barstow, the first person to graduate from F. M. Alexander’s first training course in 1933.

    Since then, Lilly has completed over 2,000 hours of training. She earned her certification to teach in 2007, through Alexander Technique International.

    In addition to teaching at her private studio, she has taught several master classes at the University of Tennessee and she teaches a course at the University of Tennessee through the Conferences Department.

    With her kind, light-hearted, and practical approach, she enjoys teaching people of all ages and backgrounds.

    Like F.M. Alexander, Lilly began her study of the technique to deal with vocal problems. She found relief from her laryngitis, and discovered other benefits, such as more freedom in breathing, improved vocal range, a more comfortable and supportive posture, less performance anxiety, and more confidence.

I would enjoying hearing more about your goals and what attracts you to the Alexander Technique. You may reach me at:

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My office is located in Bearden, close the the Earth Fare Center.

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I am grateful to have studied with some of the best teachers in the world. Here I am  with Judy Stern, before I completed my teacher’s training. I remember when she taught me about our ‘sit bones’, and I learned how to sit comfortably without using the back of the chair.”


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“Lilly is not only a good listener and teacher, but she has a unique ability to put people

at ease. She creates an atmosphere

of peace and serenity that

does her students a world of good.”

--Claude Ramer,  Attorney

“ Insanity: doing the same thing

over and over again and expecting

different results.”

 --Albert Einstein