A Little Story from Lilly

    I’m working with one of my students, Dee Nichols. I tell her that all 24 of our ribs are made for movement. My hands are on her ribs, suggesting how they can release for freer breathing. I ask Dee what she notices. She says, “It feels kneaded, and needed.” We both laugh.


    In group classes you get to see the changes in others and you can learn from others’ experience. Some students especially like the social, group support aspect of this format. For some special interests, such as dealing with performance anxiety, groups offer obvious advantages.

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    While missing the “hands-on” aspect of lessons, these lessons also have some distinct advantages.

For one thing, it makes it clear that the changes you experience are a result of your own awareness and thinking. It brings home the idea that you are learning a new skill that you can use for yourself.

    A second advantage is the time-saving convenience of an on-site lesson without the added expense.

       Unless we arrange otherwise, long-distance lessons last for 50 minutes and the rate is 60. To schedule a lesson, you can call me at 865-387-7600 or email me at Lilly @ LillySutton dot com  

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“Lessons will often make you happy.

They are able to achieve that because

they can ‘lighten’,

quite literally,

the pressure you feel in your body.”

--Jeremy Chance


Lilly Sutton and Pamela Klicka

In lessons we work with “connecting into your back”. This connection has literal and metaphorical effects. We speak of someone being “spineless” versus “having a strong backbone”. When you have someone to “back you up”, you feel safer and more confident. The soles of your feet are part of the backside of your body, and when you release into your back, you naturally feel more “grounded” and centered.”


What happens in a lesson?

    I use words and gentle hands-on guidance to help you notice and release habitual patterns of tension. When you’re aware of what you’re doing, you can move more freely, with less effort. During lessons, I often hear students say, “It’s so easy, it feels like I’m not doing anything!”

    Each person is unique, and I tailor your lessons to fit what you need. We work with everyday activities, like walking, standing, working at a computer, driving a car, speaking, and breathing. We can also work with your special interests, such as playing an instrument, running, playing tennis, gardening, or singing.


How many lessons will I need?

    It depends on your particular goals and learning style. I’ve seen students make profound changes in just a few lessons.                    

    However, there is no end to the benefits of study, and for some, it becomes a lifetime of learning. Because the Alexander Technique has far-reaching effects, it can take several lessons to understand all the possibilities that it offers.

How much do lessons cost?

    Unless we arrange otherwise, private lessons are given for an hour.  The rate is 95 for the first lesson, and then 85 for each lesson. To schedule a lesson, call Lilly at 865-387-7600 or email Lilly at LillySutton dot com  


    It’s often helpful to have an on-site lesson so that I can assess you at your own computer station, reading nook, sewing machine, etc.  Some students prefer the convenience of an on-site lesson. The rate for this service varies depending on the travel time.