Guided Constructive Rest is a powerful practice for calming your mind, relieving stress, and releasing uncomfortable muscle tension. It involves quietly lying on the floor and listening to a recording for 15 minutes a day. As you can imagine, it's a very pleasant experience. It can relieve tension-related pain in the head, neck, back, shoulders, and jaw. Students often feel more peaceful and whole after the practice. One of my friends described it as “advanced kindergarten.”

I learned about constructive rest in my training to become an Alexander Technique teacher, and the practice that I learned was done without the guidance of a recording. I wanted to give my students a more structured way to practice between lessons, so I produced this 16-minute recording to guide them during their constructive rest.

My students told me how much the recording helped them, so I decided to make the recording available for students of other teachers, and for those who may not have access to individual lessons. To fully benefit from the Alexander Technique, studying with a teacher is recommended, but this recorded lesson is complete in itself.

 It felt like the tension melted away... I felt taller and much freer across my back... My breathing became easier and I could think more clearly. I felt lighter, more energetic, and a lot more centered... It helped me quiet down the chatter in my mind.

--Vance Thompson.

Founder, Knoxville Jazz Orchestra

Before, I wasn’t even aware of my tension until I started hurting. Now I can stop tensing before it starts hurting... I feel like I have more room to breath, a feeling of spaciousness.

--Frank Bemis

Attorney, Yoga Instructor

After the Guided Constructive Rest, my headache was much less intense and my face had more color.

--Rachel Parton


The Guided Constructive Rest recording was the beginning of the work that released me from 20 years of shoulder pain.

--Mark Boling

Coordinator of the Jazz Program,

UT  Knoxville


After 4 days of back pain from a pulled muscle, I remembered to use my Guided Constructive Rest. Afterwards, I was so happy with the way my back felt! Everything felt good! When I came out of the room, my friend said, “Wow, look at your posture!”... After the 12th session, the results were the most dramatic. I had been in a terrible mood before the session, and afterwards I felt calmer and happier. I’m seeing the benefit of regular practice.

--Cathy Leach

Professor of Music, UT Knoxville

In the past, I had trouble turning off my mind and falling asleep. By using the techniques that I learned, I now rarely have a problem getting to sleep.

I recently took an overnight bus trip,

and I was amazed that I could even sleep on the bus. Before, that would not

have been possible.

--Sara Baker

Director of Women’s Advocacy, YWCA

It’s like getting a second wind so that I can get a bit more done in the evening... After using the recording for 2 weeks, I seem to have a bit more patience and optimism.

--Brian Sward

Electronics Technician, Musician


If you want your own copy of the Guided Constructive Rest Lesson,

it is now available.  If you order multiple copies, the cost per copy is less.

You can email me for the details.

Lilly @ LillySutton dot com

Downloadable Version--20

I will send you the links so that you can download the recording and the instructions for 20.

Hard Copy Version--25

I will mail you a Compact  Disc and a 16-page booklet for 25, which includes domestic shipping, handling, and sales tax.

Downloadable and Hard Copy Version --30

I will send you the links above, plus mail you a Compact  Disc and a 16-page booklet for 30, which includes domestic shipping, handling, and sales tax.




Stephanie Milbury enjoying  the GUIDED CONSTRUCTIVE RESTTM    position.

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