“I’m amazed by how much better I feel after just 2 lessons. I’ve let go of so much tension.... I’m sleeping better than I can remember in years.... The shoulder pain I’d had for 8 years is almost gone.... The TMJ pain and headaches I’d had for over 35 years are gone.

I’m more aware of what I’m doing in my body, and more aware in general. Our work together has been transformative--I have never experienced such relaxation and ease in my body. Thank you for what you’ve taught me, Lilly!”

--Kathy Paradis, Counselor


“It's about getting out of your own way and letting your body re-learn its natural processes... I often laugh with Lilly because the learning is like child's play, simple and fun, but profound.”

--Ann Strange, Old Harp Singer


“I didn’t expect my first Alexander lesson to be so powerful…I discovered that the proper use of the body is more subtle than I realized, and easier....Driving home, I was so relaxed that I had

to remind myself to go more than 20 miles an hour. My singing voice in church the next morning was unusually clear. And the first tai chi set I did after the lesson was more gentle and free than any I could remember. Thank you for the transformative lesson!”

--Jenny Arthur, M.Div., Community Minister


Last night and this morning I looked in the mirror and both shoulders are now level with each other. “I have not felt such a release in 30 years. I never expected this kind of transformation to happen so quickly and with such little effort.”                                                                                                                     

                        --Steve Romer, Architect, Artist


“This work astounds me, and your gift as a teacher

is simply enlightened.  My back, and better still,

my attitude toward life have taken an upswing. After months of hurting, with occasional horrible stabbing pain, I have ZERO pain in my back and it's been like that since our lesson. Now when I do my yoga practice, I can do the bow pose and I’m more fully experiencing all the poses....

I have an incredible sense of joy! 

Thank you so much for all you do for me!  You have been instrumental in changing my life!"

--Georgi Schmitt,  Teacher of Dance and Music


I can't tell you how much you have helped me, Lilly.... My husband commented how much happier I am. I  have more energy, increased optimism for life and increased overall well-being. 

Thank you so very, very much.”

--Joeva Merrion, Licensed Massage Therapist



“In my first lesson, Lilly showed me how walking has a “forward-and-up” motion, rather than a “sideways-and-down” motion. Using what I learned, I felt lighter as I walked--like skimming the surface of the sidewalk rather than pounding the pavement.”

--Erika Brandt, Habitat for Humanity Supervisor


“Lilly is an exceptionally attentive and compassionate teacher and a wonderful guide to

the profound subtleties of the Alexander Technique.

I am learning so much and I always look forward

to my lessons with her.”

--Frank Bemis, Attorney, Pianist


Students love to do what we call “table work”. While much of the learning is done in upright activity, it’s amazing how much we can hold tension even when we lie down to rest. Students often say that before lessons, they hadn’t realized how much they’re tensing their necks and shoulders even when they’re lying down to sleep.

A Little Story 

    I had  a lesson to work with carrying my guitar in it’s case. Just like heavy purses or backpacks can lead us to contort ourselves, so can carrying an instrument. The lesson must have been a big help because the next day, I’m carrying my guitar, and it feels so light that I think my case must be empty. I actually open it up to see if my guitar is inside and I’m surprised to see that it is! That’s not the only time I’ve been surprised to experience how much lighter a load can feel, from carrying other objects, to carrying my own head.

“ Out beyond ideas of

wrongdoing and rightdoing,

there is a field.

I’ll meet you there.”


“I started working with Lilly because I could not get rid of the pain that I had in my arms. Sometimes the pain was very severe, making it hard to sleep. I worked with a chiropractor and a massage therapist for several months and I could not get rid of the pain. I talked to a neurologist about my pain and he wanted to give me a pill to stop the pain from reaching my brain. I'm glad I declined this and kept looking for the right answer.

 Lilly taught me how to stand and sit so that my spine supports my weight and I have the proper balance. Using the Alexander Technique has completely eliminated the pain, and the tightness in my muscles went away. I cannot thank Lilly enough for her help.”

    --Jerry Gardner, Accountant, Ballroom Dancer


“In 1990, I was diagnosed with Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, an inherited condition that predisposes me to emphysema.

In 2008, my pulmonologist told me that my lung capacity had dropped significantly and she suggested that I consider weekly intravenous infusions for the rest of my life. I explored alternatives and began Alexander Technique lessons with Lilly. She taught me how to breathe very differently, and now my breathing is much easier. In January 2009, much to the surprise of my physician, my lungs had regained the capacity

that they had three years earlier.

I am very thankful that God helped me find Lilly Sutton and receive lessons from her.”

--Don Thompson, Founder & Executive Director, Friends of Tennessee’s Babies with Special Needs


“Lilly has a great depth of knowledge and skill upon which to draw and yet she remains open and curious and lively in each lesson and in her life.

She respects her students and has a humility that is calming and a sense of humor that is up-lifting.”

--Meredith McIntosh, Alexander Technique Teacher, Old Time Musician



“I'm a violinist who experienced severe TMJ and went through dozens of doctors and treatments with no results. With Lilly’s help, I am now able to play violin again. What's more, I met a wonderful, kind, and caring person through the process.”

--Lili Sarayrah, Violinist


“Lilly’s open-spirited and gentle approach made me more comfortable than I thought possible with “a stranger.” I was able to let go of tensions that I had been unable to release.... a good portion of the lesson was spent cracking up (which is an interesting play on words as I was literally cracking out of my self-made constraints). I can’t express how much I truly enjoyed our time together.”

--Kati Coffey, Student, University of Tennessee


“Dear Lilly,

You are the most positive teacher I have ever had. You gently point me in the right direction. Thank you for your patience in continuing to remind me to let go of judgment and look for the ease in everything. Your calmness and unhurried approach help me to settle down and not be so anxious.”

--Dee Nichols, Board of Directors, Oasis Institute


What Students Say