After the very first lesson,

posture problems I'd struggled with

(and felt self-conscious about)

my entire adult life

began to effortlessly melt away.

I always leave my lessons feeling happier,

lighter, and much more relaxed.

I would recommend Alexander lessons

with Lilly Sutton to anyone!

--Vance Thompson, M.Mus.

Founding Director, Knoxville Jazz Orchestra   

Many of my students are musicians, but  many are not! You don’t have to be a performer to enjoy the benefits of the work.


~ More supportive and balanced posture

~ Reduce back pain, neck pain, & shoulder pain

~ Less tension and less stress

~ Breathe more deeply & freely

~ Be present, rather than preoccupied

~ Be less reactive to stressful events

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It's about getting out of your own way

and letting your body re-learn its

natural processes... I often laugh with Lilly because the learning is like child's play, simple and fun but profound.”

 --Ann Strange

Old Harp Singer

What Are Some of the Benefits of Lessons?

What would it be like to feel at home in your own body?


“The quality of your attention is equal to the quality of your life.”

Lessons help students release tension they didn’t even know they were holding and discover a sense of freedom and support that they didn’t know was possible.  Posture becomes more balanced,

movement becomes easier, thinking becomes clearer,

and life becomes more enjoyable in the present moment.”

--Lilly Sutton, M.S.

Certified Alexander Technique Teacher

Taught worldwide for more than 100 years, the Alexander Technique is a practical method for learning to move with more ease and poise, and to develop an effortless, balanced, and supportive posture. This increased support can improve performance in all activities, from walking, to giving a presentation, to driving, to working at a computer. 

What is The Alexander Technique?

“I’m amazed by how much better I feel after just 2 lessons. I’ve let go of so much tension.... I’m sleeping better than I can remember in years.... The shoulder pain I’d had for 8 years is almost gone.... The TMJ pain and headaches I’d had for over 35 years are gone.

I’m more aware of what I’m doing in my body, and more aware in general. Our work together has been transformative--I have never experienced such relaxation and ease in my body. Thank you for what you’ve taught me, Lilly!”

--Kathy Paradis, M.S.





“Between the three of us (Tinbergen, wife, daughter) we already notice with growing amusement, very striking improvements in such diverse things as high blood pressure, depth of sleep, overall cheerfulness and mental alertness, resilience against outside pressures, and also in such a refined skill as playing a stringed instrument.” Nikolas Tinbergen, Nobel Prize Laureate

discussing the Alexander Technique in his Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech (not my student!)